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Please note that this is a collection of manuals of vintage film cameras and of links that I have found on Internet. You, as a vintage camera lover, can download any file for free. The goal is to share useful information that could be lost. So, please, be polite and do not sell them or make any kind of illegal use of them. If the copyright owner of any file would complain about it, he can contact me and I will remove the owned material.

link Nikon FA manual (English)
link Nikon FM manual (English)
link Nikon FE manual (English)
link Nikon FG manual (English)
link Nikon EM manual (English)
link Nikon F801s manual (English)
link Nikon F3 manual (English)
link Nikon F3 repair manual (English)
link Nikon F5 repair manual (English)
link Nikon FM repair manual (English)
link Pentax MX manual (English)
link Pentax K2 service manual (English)
link Pentax ME service manual (English)
link Pentax ME Super service manual (English)
link Pentax Spotmatic service manual (English)
link Minox 35 GT (English)
link Minox 35 PL (English)
link Ricoh 35 ZF (Italiano - English)
link A really rich site of manuals for vintage cameras by Chinon, Ricoh, Sears, Fujica, Konica, Cosina, Yashica, Zenith, Praktica and many others.
link Pentax manuals as pdf files, quality is better than those you can find on Pentax site.
link Another rich collection of downloadable manuals.

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